I can go into any gym in the world and spot most of the folks in there literally wasting their time. One needs to keep in mind that our most Continue Reading

I can go into any gym in the world and spot most of the folks in there literally wasting their time. One needs to keep in mind that our most important asset is our health. Without it, it affects our ability to make choices in what we would like to accomplish in life. It also affects the lives of our family members when it comes to dealing with health issues. As more people become aware of the shortcomings found in allopathic medicine, functional medicine is becoming more appealing. Most of us would like to be healthy and functional towards the end of our lives. That is what functional medicine focuses on. Many of the protocols covered in functional medicine include nutrition and hormonal health. The process of regaining one’s health under functional medicine occurs in stages. It generally does not happen overnight. A number of these topics are covered by various other authors on this website. In US news and current events today, this young man in Ecuador lost his father to COVID-19 but never found his dad’s body after the health care system collapsed. The COVID-19 death toll in Guayaquil could be 17x higher than official data suggests, according to a CNN analysis. A healthy digestive system has healthy bacteria that is able to break down the sugars, sugars that produce hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane gas. This can cause bloating and discomfort. However, some people are more sensitive to these sugars. For these people, they experience more issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. Also, saccharides means sugar. Kathryn Flynn is a health educator and a writer specializing in nutrition. She has worked in high school health education, plant-based nutrition counseling, yoga instruction, public health promotion and childhood obesity prevention. Flynn holds a Master of Public Health and is a certified plant-based nutritionist, holistic health coach and yoga instructor. Health tools and calculators to find out how healthy you are!! Also bringing to you the Latest health news and Innovations in health care and medicine. Ayurveda – The Indian Science of Life. Learn everything about Ayurveda. Complete information about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicines and treatments. Dr. Buzynski talks about the genome. It contains 22 thousand genes. Generally, we use just a small amount of them. As we get older, fewer of these genes are active. To keep cancer from occurring, it is important to keep the genes that prevent cancer becoming active or turned on. Chemicals, stress, lack of sleep, cigarette smoking, poor diet with foods containing chemicals, all these factors can silence genes. Hormones have a role in regulating gene activity as well. A balanced hormonal system is important, especially to prevent and treat cancer. For prostate cancer, it is important to have the correct type of testosterone; apparently, it is a derivative of testosterone, DHT that causes problems with prostate cancer.

The study was conducted during 2001-2012 and included 1,514 men and 1,528 women from the greater Athens area, in Greece. In the lowest, middle, and highest categories of vitamin D intake, cardiovascular events (such as heart attacks and strokes) occurred in 24%, 17%, and 12% of men and 14%, 10%, and 11% of women. The efforts will support the California Surgeon General and Department of Health Care Services’ Adverse Childhood Experience (ACEs) protocol “Screen, Treat, Heal,” which focuses on creating resources that address childhood abuse, neglect and household challenges that impact health and well-being as youth and adults. MYSTIQ Infused C utilizes organic hemp-extracted cannabidiol and contains no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which can irritate acne. What makes MYSTIQ Infused C so effective is the intentional combination of functional ingredients, including Omegalight®, a skin brightening omega fatty acid. CBD requires an omega fatty acid for optimal communication with the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Omegalight® acts as a communication conductor for the receptors within ECS. Without Omegalight® CBD’s messages of reducing inflammation, evening skin tone and strengthening skin structure would not be received. Vegetarians or people who don’t like fish can get a different type of omega-3, ALA or alpha-linolenic acid, from plant-based foods including flaxseeds, extra virgin olive oil and almonds. Stress can cause a vicious cycle of negative thinking, worrisome thoughts and physical symptoms such as muscular discomfort, indigestion and pain. Exercise provides a distraction from your worries, whether you exercise by yourself at home or in the company of friends. It also gives you an opportunity to socialize. You can walk in a group, go to the gym or attend classes with friends. As you widen your social circle and strengthen your bonds with people, you will feel happier. You will lose weight, get fitter and healthier. You can greatly reduce your risk of chronic illnesses, which are major contributors to stress and anxiety. You will also feel a sense of accomplishment as you work out harder and for longer intervals of time. Unless you have a weak immune system, fungal infections rarely cause serious health problems. These infections usually go away on their own, as your body has its own defense system. Certain vitamins exhibit potent anti-fungal activity and may help prevent and treat fungal infections. Human studies are needed to know for sure, however. For now, follow your health care provider’s advice on treating and preventing fungal infections.

Germany’s health minister Jens Spahn defended his decision to purchase additional supplies of Vekurly (remdesivir) for treating patients with COVID-19, saying Gilead’s antiviral drug was useful especially early in the course of the disease, reported Reuters on November 3, 2020. Veklury is an investigational nucleotide analog with broad-spectrum antiviral activity. Sleep Tight- Get yourself a minimum of seven hours sleep every night, so that you feel fresh and energized throughout the day. Sleep tight, all night because that is your time to be with you. Coronavirus has infected more than 40 million people around the world and has caused more than a million deaths in less than a year. Moreover, it is still not clear why some people who contract the virus show no symptoms whereas others may die or suffer very severe consequences. Although age, illnesses and previous treatments can be used to give a prognosis in some cases, it is still not possible to state for certain how each case of coronavirus will evolve. One of the treatments that have been discussed in regard to their role in the evolution of COVID-19 has been statins. These drugs help to reduce cholesterol in the blood and thus prevent cardiovascular diseases. They are currently taken by one in four people and are the most widely used medicine among the general public. Now, research by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili (URV) and Pere Virgili Institut (IISPV) led by Lluís Masana has found that people who are being treated with statins have a 22% to 25% lower risk of dying from COVID-19. The research results have been published in the European Heart Journal—Cardiovascular Pharmacotherapy. The main reason researchers think coronavirus patients are doing better is simply that there are now effective treatments for the virus that didn’t exist in March. In terms of efficacy, the health secretary said she is expecting the COVID-19 vaccine to be similar to the flu vaccine in that it will work for most people, and those who still contract the virus will have much milder symptoms. It’s still unclear how long immunity will last. Nicotinamide is safe, affordable, and available over the counter in most countries. The findings have the potential to decrease the health burden and economic cost of skin cancer – the most common form of cancer in fair-skinned populations worldwide. The COVID-19 pandemic is holding up a magnifying glass to longstanding racial inequities in American health care. Joyner, of the Mayo Clinic, said there are probably 10 million to 20 million people in the U.S. carrying coronavirus antibodies — and the number keeps climbing. If just 2% of them were to donate a standard 800 milliliters of plasma on three separate occasions, their plasma alone could generate millions of IG shots for high-risk Americans.

One study gave participants one of three goals— healthy eating , hedonic eating or weight-loss—to see how the type of claim helps predict consumers’ choices between different foods with or without food claims. Consumers who have a goal to lose or maintain weight strongly prefer claims that remove negatives (“low fat”) unlike those who are interested in healthy eating or eating for enjoyment who favour nature-based claims. The randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial is being led by principal investigator Barry Zingman, M.D., professor of medicine at Einstein and clinical director, infectious diseases , in the Moses division of Montefiore Health System. The trial is “adaptive,” meaning it can be modified to include other investigational treatments. “This flexibility allows us to add additional therapies to the trial step-by-step to improve treatment as the pandemic continues,” said Dr. Zingman. Earlier this year Public Health England (PHE) advised everyone to take vitamin D supplements during autumn and winter. Treatments for acne are a multi-billion-dollar industry. From antibiotics and hormonal therapies to anti-inflammatory agents and dietary supplements, there is a bewildering array of choices. International guidelines recommend using a topical antiseptic and topical retinoids as first-line therapy. However, if the acne doesn’t respond, patients are prescribed antibiotics and, in severe cases, oral retinoids that have many undesirable side effects. For example, a June 2015 article in the journal Nutrients found that people who consumed a diet rich in mushrooms, meat products, eggs, seafood, legumes and fat were particularly likely to be susceptible to fatty liver disease. This study compared people following this type of diet with people who consumed plant-based diets and diets that were rich in salt-preserved products (like pickled vegetables, cured meat and salted fish). Hundreds of genes have been linked to weight. Some affect where fat is distributed on your body while others impact metabolism, cravings and even whether you reach for food to cope with stress. Their influence on overweight can be as little as 25% or as much as 80%. Signs that genes could be connected to your innate weight include having one or both parents who are overweight, and having a hard time losing weight even with strict dieting and exercise. COVID-19 testing and diagnosis were mishandled and problematic for many people early on in the pandemic, regardless of race. But add that to the existing health inequities facing people of color, and the outcome is catastrophic.

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