Jodi Click, who suffers from severe Crohn’s Disease, has long been accustomed to frequent doctors visits and medical procedures. The Themis vaccine, developed in collaboration with the Institut Pasteur in Continue Reading

Jodi Click, who suffers from severe Crohn’s Disease, has long been accustomed to frequent doctors visits and medical procedures. The Themis vaccine, developed in collaboration with the Institut Pasteur in Paris, is based on a modified measles virus that delivers bits of the SARS-CoV-2 virus into the body to prevent COVID-19. The Besties set is an essential skincare pack that comes with an enzyme face cleanser, exfoliating peel pads and a gel-cream moisturizer. The National Academy of Sciences establishes national nutrition recommendations. These are the same standards you find listed on the labels of foods sold in US grocery stores. While researchers broadly agree that you need enough of these essential nutrients, some claim you can get additional benefit from consuming more than that in some cases. This claim is more controversial. After chewing on this Paleo skincare theory for a bit, I realized that all the ingredients that helped heal my skin from post-Accutane acne and topical steroid withdrawal years ago were totally Paleo. This resource by Dr. Mark Hyman, MD offers further insight into issues relating to diabetes and obesity, also being referred to as diabesity. This is a resource to counteract sugar health issues through a number of means. It actually discusses a blueprint for a different medical approach, referred to as functional medicine. Functional medicine is interested in adressing causes behind ill health rather than addressing the symptoms. Functional health focuses on keeping people healthy and functional, instead of us deteriorating and unable to function in a normal manner. Diabesity can be prevented, treated, and reversed. Vitamin D is an important factor in skin barrier function (Piotrowska 2016). Vitamin D is involved in the production of antimicrobial peptides in the skin that help protect against cutaneous infections (Muehleisen 2012). Subjects with MRSA infections were found in one study to have lower vitamin D levels than subjects without MRSA infections (Thomason 2015). Several studies have noted a relationship between low vitamin D levels and nasal colonization with Staphylococcus aureus, including MRSA, which increases the risk of skin and soft tissue infections (Matheson 2010; Olsen 2012; Singh, Johnson 2016). In a controlled clinical trial, a reduction in nasal Staphylococcus aureus colonization was seen in 24 participants with atopic dermatitis who were treated with 2000 IU per day of oral vitamin D, potentially reducing their risk of secondary bacterial skin infections (Udompataikul 2015). Most of us need to take back our intrinsic power in increments. Sometimes, we may need to give power to something external to make it happen, at least until we’re ready to claim our innate body and mind power more completely. For instance, I once had a bone spur on my heel, and the doctor said that surgery was necessary. I told him I wanted to attempt self-healing first but that I’d be back if I wasn’t successful. I identified the mind body connection and emotional factors involved and dealt with it successfully, but my bone spur remained. I then realized that I required something additional to restore my previously healthy body. I needed to give my bone spur different instructions. Because every thought is an instant message that travels via neuropeptides to every one of my 40 trillion or more cells, I decided to give some kind of healing information to the cells in my bone spur. It took me two or three weeks to find a healing ritual that fit.

It was evident by early 2004 that the SARS outbreak had ended Starting in 2002, this epidemic lasted about one and a half years, infecting at least 8,000 people and killing 10% of them. Although it mostly affected east Asian countries, by its end SARS had spread worldwide. Vitamin D is vital to the health, beauty and longevity of the largest organ in your body: your skin. An adequate level of vitamin D benefits skin by helping to promote healthy epidermal cell growth, decrease the risk of infection, prevent skin aging and reduce the incidence of chronic disease, including skin cancer. Adequate Intake (AI), equivalent to the mean intake of vitamin A in healthy, breastfed infants. Vitamin D has long been thought to be able to ward off cancer and improve bone health but the scientists said that only people with severe vitamin D deficiency may benefit from taking the supplements. Retinoids, derived from vitamin A, are by far the most effective topical anti-acne drugs They limit pore clogging, inhibit inflammation and matrix metalloproteinases. Retinoids also affect the various genes involved in producing the structural components of the skin, such as collagen and elastin, improving the appearance of scars. Of course, these same signs could be associated with many other health problems, such as stress, dehydration or achy joints caused by weather changes, Hardie says. If you have these signs and suspect that they are linked to vitamin D deficiency, talk to your health provider about getting a blood test that can check for vitamin D deficiency. We are in the midst of a very serious nationwide resurgence,” Dr. Caitlin Rivers, whose research at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore focuses on improve public health response to infectious disease outbreaks, said on Twitter Wednesday. Consumption of excess amount animal fats may be harmful for health and increase one’s risk for many degenerative diseases. A paper in May 2018 led by ASTAR researchers linked impaired collagen digestion to skeletal malformations seen in people with Winchester Syndrome. The authors point out that prior to their paper, “only one missense mutation in MMP14 had been reported in Winchester Syndrome patients”. The corresponding author, ASTAR Acne and Sebaceous Gland Program Research Director Maurice van Steensel, explains that changes to the gene that programs the body to create the MMP14 enzyme – which breaks down collagen – causes the skeletal changes, and the problems that cause severe acne, scarring and osteoporosis.

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