Jodi Click, who suffers from severe Crohn’s Disease, has long been accustomed to frequent doctors visits and medical procedures. One needs to keep in mind that our most important asset Continue Reading

Jodi Click, who suffers from severe Crohn’s Disease, has long been accustomed to frequent doctors visits and medical procedures. One needs to keep in mind that our most important asset is our health. Without it, it affects our ability to make choices in what we would like to accomplish in life. It also affects the lives of our family members when it comes to dealing with health issues. As more people become aware of the shortcomings found in allopathic medicine, functional medicine is becoming more appealing. Most of us would like to be healthy and functional towards the end of our lives. That is what functional medicine focuses on. Many of the protocols covered in functional medicine include nutrition and hormonal health. The process of regaining one’s health under functional medicine occurs in stages. It generally does not happen overnight. A number of these topics are covered by various other authors on this website. In US news and current events today, this young man in Ecuador lost his father to COVID-19 but never found his dad’s body after the health care system collapsed. The COVID-19 death toll in Guayaquil could be 17x higher than official data suggests, according to a CNN analysis. A healthy digestive system has healthy bacteria that is able to break down the sugars, sugars that produce hydrogen, carbon dioxide, and methane gas. This can cause bloating and discomfort. However, some people are more sensitive to these sugars. For these people, they experience more issues such as gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation. Also, saccharides means sugar. Kathryn Flynn is a health educator and a writer specializing in nutrition. She has worked in high school health education, plant-based nutrition counseling, yoga instruction, public health promotion and childhood obesity prevention. Flynn holds a Master of Public Health and is a certified plant-based nutritionist, holistic health coach and yoga instructor. Health tools and calculators to find out how healthy you are!! Also bringing to you the Latest health news and Innovations in health care and medicine. Ayurveda – The Indian Science of Life. Learn everything about Ayurveda. Complete information about Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicines and treatments. Dr. Buzynski talks about the genome. It contains 22 thousand genes. Generally, we use just a small amount of them. As we get older, fewer of these genes are active. To keep cancer from occurring, it is important to keep the genes that prevent cancer becoming active or turned on. Chemicals, stress, lack of sleep, cigarette smoking, poor diet with foods containing chemicals, all these factors can silence genes. Hormones have a role in regulating gene activity as well. A balanced hormonal system is important, especially to prevent and treat cancer. For prostate cancer, it is important to have the correct type of testosterone; apparently, it is a derivative of testosterone, DHT that causes problems with prostate cancer.

A deadly coronavirus, which causes respiratory illness and pneumonia, is spreading around the world. “Based on the results of this study, the use of topical agents just before radiation therapy can be safely liberalized, which may improve quality of life for patients undergoing radiation therapy, but very thick applications of topical agents just before radiation therapy should still be avoided,” Baumann said. To make an effective vaccine more quickly against never-before-seen, fast-spreading viruses such as SARS-CoV-2, researchers at Vanderbilt and elsewhere are using alternate approaches. In one approach, instead of proteins, a new generation of vaccines, called mRNA vaccines, will carry the molecular instructions to make the protein. Your chances of experiencing an attack can be reduced by maintaining a healthy body and taking up a healthy diet. If your body is healthy, your mind is also more likely to be happy. Having a healthy lifestyle helps in reducing your stress level and thus reducing anxiety. Parts of our bodies can experience inflammation, however, when it affects the whole body, it is considered systematic. Systematic inflammation can precede a number of health issues. Also, the topic of inflammation actually highlights a very different perspective on treating illness. Instead of using a pill to treat a specific symptom, or more specifically, an aspirin to relieve a headache, we are looking at a broader perspective. This means examining the underlying factors that affects ill-health. In this case, it is inflammation that plays a significant role in a number of health conditions. There are actually two types of inflammation, the acute and the chronic. Acute inflammation is an immediate defense reaction by the body and lasts a short time. Chronic inflammation is a continued response that doesn’t go away and can be an underlying factor in a number of health conditions. Since health officials can’t test everyone, one way to estimate the rate of infection in a population is to test a smaller group of people for signs of previous infection, regardless of whether they have had symptoms. If the smaller group is chosen in a way that makes it demographically representative of the larger population, then researchers can assume the infection rates they find in their test groups are close to the actual population-wide numbers. Two studies strongly suggest that vitamin K cream helps skin heal faster after pulsed dye laser treatments, which are usually used to erase spider veins in the face. In a 2004 study conducted at the University of Miami Medical School, patients undergoing a laser procedure used cream containing vitamin K on one-half their face and a placebo on the other. Half the patients used the cream for two weeks before the treatment. The other half used it for two weeks after the treatment. In the post-operative group, the bruising on the vitamin K side of the face was less severe than on the placebo side. Patients in the pre-operative group showed no difference.

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