I can go into any gym in the world and spot most of the folks in there literally wasting their time. The pancreas will release a hormone called glucagon which Continue Reading

I can go into any gym in the world and spot most of the folks in there literally wasting their time. The pancreas will release a hormone called glucagon which triggers the release of glucose from the glycogen stored in the liver, to help raise the blood sugar levels. Testosterone is a hormone is needed by both men and women. While it is regarded as a sexual hormone, it has other important benefits. It protects the heart and arteries, reducing the risk of heart disease. It counters high cholesterol and angina. Dr. Blum lists various five factors that promote autoimmune disorders. They are: allergens, environmental toxins, microbes, poor diet, and stress. Autoimmune disorders can be triggered by exposure to gluten grains, heavy metals, toxins, infections, and stress. With gluten, the immune system may treat gluten as a foreigner and the antibodies attack gluten. Unfortunately, other tissues get attacked. This is called mimicry and it is one way gluten triggers autoimmune disease. (Note: mimicry is can occur with other substances.) One toxin that can play a factor in promoting autoimmune disease is mercury. Mercury can be found in a number of sources, starting with dental fillings, cosmetics, pesticides, some vaccines, pollution, and occupational exposure. Two types of mercury exist, methyl mercury and mercury vapor. They both cause problems and can cross the placenta and lodge in the fetal brain. There’s an increasing body of research that shows smartphones can interfere with our sleep , productivity , mental health and impulse control Even having a smartphone within reach can reduce available cognitive capacity. Barnes TM, Greive KA. Topical pine tar: History, properties and use as a treatment for common skin conditions. The Australasian journal of dermatology. Jan 20 2016. A nutrient-dense diet of whole foods has been shown to prevent many chronic diseases and may help treat some conditions, such as type 2 diabetes. Bodybuilding nutrition is a process that requires the builder to eat much more food than the average person does. This is done to “feed” the muscles and increase their lean body mass quickly. When I was studying with psychiatrist and Holocaust survivor Viktor Frankl, he often quoted philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, who said that the person we lie to most is ourselves. This is not because we are bad people and liars; it is because 95 percent of all our behaviors, both positive and negative, are unconscious, a key that lies at the heart of mind body medicine. Johns Hopkins neuroscientist Candace Pert, Ph.D. , expressed this mind body connection for all of us in the title of her audio CD Your Body Is Your Subconscious Mind. She urged the need to translate the language of our bodies to understand what is truly going on in our minds, rather than just fixing a single body part like we do with automobiles.

Taking a few minutes at the beginning of your workout, or even at the beginning of your day, to slow down and simply focus on the act of breathing can help you set your intentions, connect with your body and even lower your body’s stress response, Hutchins says. Lie on your back with your legs extended and place one hand on your stomach and one on your chest. Breathe in through your nose for four seconds, hold for two and then exhale through your mouth for six, she says. With each breath, the hand placed on your stomach should be the only one to rise or fall. If you’re looking for a follow who feels like a close friend, then check out Minna Lee’s Instagram account. She’s recently been posting mental health Reels every Monday to bring awareness to how to set boundaries and how to have productive and tough conversations It doesn’t hurt that she also posts about her Corgi, Benny, if you’re looking for a serotonin lift. Even if you have issues with high cholesterol and triglycerides, Weinandy does not recommend running out for a B12 supplement until you get your vitamin levels checked by a doctor to determine whether you actually do have a deficiency. In the meantime, she suggested a better first step might be the produce section. Additionally, adding some nutritional yeast to your diet is an easy way to get more of the vitamin. Boost your diet. Find ways to take in more nutrients from fruit, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. This sets up your body for better healing and is especially important if you have diabetes, which can slow healing. If you have diabetes, make sure your blood glucose tests are in your recommended range. When it comes to vitamin A, too much – not too little — can cause skin to peel. This happens when you apply vitamin A topically in the form of creams or gels, but it also happen if you take large dosages of vitamin A orally, according to board-certified dermatologist Dr. Audrey Kunin on her website Derma Doctor. Proper nutritional intake is essential for skin health, and nutritional status disorders such as obesity and malnutrition often lead to skin problems (Liakou 2013; Park 2015; Pappas 2016). Excess glucose and insufficient protein can interfere with normal healing processes, and a balance of fatty acids is needed to maintain epidermal integrity and regulate inflammation and immune activity in skin (Nicolaou 2013; Kawahito 2009; Molnar 2014; Anderson 2012; Alexander 2014). Vitamins A, C, D, and E, B-complex vitamins, and the trace minerals zinc, copper, and selenium, all have important roles in protecting skin health, and deficiencies have been linked to specific skin disorders (Park 2015; Pappas 2016). Carotenoids and polyphenols from plant-based foods protect the skin against free radical damage (Pappas 2016).

And if you want to be even more deliberate in improving health—perhaps to address a chronic disease or condition—a Functional Medicine approach can yield great benefits. Overall, seeing your food as medicine helps you make better decisions about what (and how) to eat in order to make the best decisions for your own wellbeing. The health insurance marketplace, created by the federal and state governments to make buying health coverage easier and more affordable, lets you compare health plans, find out if you are eligible for tax credits to help pay for private insurance or health programs like CHIP and enroll in a health plan that meets your coverage and financial needs. All these plans must comply with ACA regulations on mental and behavioral health coverage. Integrative treatments. In a study that enrolled nine actinic keratosis patients, an analog of vitamin D3 was applied topically on half of the affected area of the face or scalp and the base cream without the vitamin D3 analog was used on the other half for 12 weeks. The number of actinic keratoses decreased where the vitamin D3 analog was used but did not change where the base cream alone was used (Seckin 2009). Levels of folate and SAMe need to be in the optimum range. SAMe is an abbreviation for S-adenosylmethionine. Low levels of folate ad SAMe are low for many people and play a role in heart attacks and strokes. Too high levels of homocysteine are harmful. Too much homocysteine in the blood damages arteries and forms plaques in the arteries. It means that the methylation process in the body is not working properly. Many of the heart attacks and strokes can be preventable, including arteriosclerosis and atherosclerosis through lifestyle changes. Lifestyle changes includes diet with quality nutrition, exercise and supplements. It is important that the nutrients are in the optimum range, not the “normal” range. Most people assume that health problems are produced purely by physical causes. However, research has shown that the mind could be the cause of a large number of ailments. Fear, stress, anxiety, bitterness, anger, jealousy, uncontrollable rage, and a variety of other destructive emotions can lead to a number of health complications. Having a positive outlook arising from a peace that comes from within is essential for a healthy life. 5. Fiber – There are two types of fiber, soluable and insoluable. Fiber does three roles. One, it helps to curb the appetite. Two, fiber excretes more calories from food. Three, fiber slows down the conversion of carbohydrates and the absorption of sugar from food into the blood stream. Ideally, we need about 35 grams of fiber on a daily basis for optimum digestive function.

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